Another Fine Performance

Here it is a few days after we’ve received our boxes and boxes of CD’s which now sit in our dining room. I have already vowed not to have 1499 of the 1500 copies of “Songs For Humanity” sitting under a serape being used as a footstool. So far, so good. We pre-sold a lot of albums in the last few months while in the recording/mastering phase. What an amazing thing to have them in hand! They turned out even better than I thought visually and sonically! We have fulfilled a life-time goal, and now I don’t have that aching in my heart, wondering if I’ll ever do what I came to this earth to do. And now that the floodgates are open, watch out! We don’t feel shy about going back to that creative well, and starting on the next project. (Don’t get too excited, it’ll be some time before our next CD). Yesterday, we had an awesome first-performance-after-getting-our-CD’s. It was at a wonderful New Thought church in San Diego. We were incredibly well received with a standing ovation after “Song For Heroes”. It was awesome to know we opened hearts not only with our performance, but our songs! We sold many CD’s at both performances! Then we went to a dear friends house for her birthday party. Even though we weren’t trying to sell our CD’s there, it just happened. We had performed a few songs as part of her birthday present, and her friends all wanted the CD! I was a little bashful at first, thinking that one should not conduct commerce in a friend’s living room, but since she’s an entrepreneur herself, she gave her full blessing! I’ve got a feeling this is going to be the way of things in the next few years, touring with big concerts, and then in the next breath performing for a few folks at a train stop! We’re open to everything and anything, come what may--- Can’t wait for our big CD Release Concert at Carlsbad Village Theatre on Aug. 27! It’s a very nice historical theatre that seats about 300 people. We anticipate filling the place and we’ve got a great band, along with a few surprises! We’re off and running---

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