Barry Cahill

Barry was born on Christmas Eve, 1954. He started playing alto sax at age 8, in the good ol’ school band program. He decided in his junior year of high school that music was going to be his career. So, he added the study of both flute, (and guitar—for songwriting purposes only). Later on he branched out into tenor sax, soprano sax and keyboard. He is mostly self-taught on all instruments. By age 18 he was working full time and making a living playing with a succession of touring dance bands. Then, at age 30, he took a break from “show biz”, and went to work for Tony Robbins as the inside sales manager. There, he learned a lot about personal growth, motivation and self-discipline. This was to have a major impact on his life and music. During the Tony Robbins years, he met Delene St. Clair. It became readily apparent to both of them that they could indeed “make beautiful music together.” They began as a duo, using the (at that time) new MIDI technology. This enabled them to do performances with a full band sound. Thus, “The Hot Pursuit Band” was born. Barry and Delene were married in 1988, and have been performing together since. They continue to enjoy a great working and marriage relationship. They make their living from doing gigs with their 5-piece band. Barry’s songwriting centers around what he calls important and meaningful topics. "I feel that there is a huge hunger for more substance from the entertainment industry--that’s where I choose to focus my time and energy.“

Delene St. Clair

Born, Delene Dee Zatroch in Cleveland, Ohio under the sign of Virgo in 1955, Delene has been on stage since the age of 7 (with a few bathroom breaks now and then). She has had years of formal music, acting, and dance training. She started learning guitar on her own at age 15. Delene's professional career started in theatre in summer stock. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from United States International University (USIU), she embarked on the club circuit playing guitar and singing with bands or on solo engagements, and also sang with Checkfield, Peter Sprague, and Calman Hart. Delene loved her time doing commercials on or off camera, industrials, voice-overs, and vocal-overs. She also has been a studio singer for hire on a number of albums and CD's. She is excited, no, ecstatic, about fulfilling a longtime dream of recording a CD of original music, and especially with Barry. A common vision has been realized! She loves traveling to incredible places and has trekked in harrowing circumstances. In 1986, during a trek in the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas, she fell very ill and recovered months later with a spiritual awakening. Since that time, she and Barry have traveled/hiked extensively to Egypt, India, New Zealand, Slovakia (her heritage), and back to Bhutan in 2000, this time trekking 100 miles up to 16,000 ft. Recent travels have been to Costa Rica and England. Delene feels very blessed that she has the love and support of Barry, her parents and family, wonderful friends, and her two friendly cats. While she loves being alone in nature, she also loves giving of herself and helping people. Her goal in life is a peaceful and beautiful heart, traveling the rest of the world playing music, trekking, and taking photos. She might even join the Peace Corps when she's 80.