CBS aired our song 

Cahill & Delene's song "Time To Go Home" was placed and aired on CBS in January, March, and April 2008 on the Emmy Award winning #1 show The Young & the Restless. We are very thrilled that our song was chosen for Broadcast TV.

Top 20 Finalist Winner in UNISONG 

Cahill & Delene's song "The Golden Age" was selected as a Top 20 Finalist Winner in the Jazz category of the 11th Annual UNISONG International Songwriting Competition. There are thousands of entries from all over the world so we are very pleased about this news!

Afterglow of our CD Release Concert 

It was an AMAZING evening on August 27th at the Carlsbad Village Theatre. We had hoped to fill the theatre to capacity, but being the artist, concert promoter, publicist, event coordinator, and music director, turned out to be bigger endeavors that we had ever imagined! However, we were so happy to perform to our enthusiastic crowd of 85 folks and our 9 piece band was AWESOME. Barry’s sax playing and vocals were stellar. We had a blast! Thanks to our band: Karl Anthony, Robin Adler, Angie Kania…

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Another Fine Performance 

Here it is a few days after we’ve received our boxes and boxes of CD’s which now sit in our dining room. I have already vowed not to have 1499 of the 1500 copies of “Songs For Humanity” sitting under a serape being used as a footstool. So far, so good. We pre-sold a lot of albums in the last few months while in the recording/mastering phase. What an amazing thing to have them in hand! They turned out even better than I thought visually and sonically We have fulfilled a life-time goal, and now I…

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How our 1st Cahill & Delene Concert went! 

Hi INCREDIBLE! AWESOME!! The BEST day of ours FAR! The 2nd best day was probably in the clouds too, in the Himalayas on a Bhutanese peak. You would have been very proud of us. Not only was the audience of 78 folks (it was a house concert) severely diggin our tunes, but it was the best performance we have ever given. Even though there were little mistakes here and there because the band had just 2 rehearsals, there were no "train wrecks" or "clam caravans", as we call it in the biz.…

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