From the recording Written In The Stars--4:08

When I wrote this song in 1995, it was only the 2nd song I had written. It was inspired, and just came to me. Originally the 2nd verse was the first verse, but switched it later on the advice of some musical friends. Barry helped me with 2 lines of the verses, but I wrote everything else. It was really great that he helped me write it because the song is about him. I remember when I’d practice the song over and over, I’d just vibrate with energy. I guess I was just so amazed and happy that I had actually written a song! After a few months though, I put it away until January of this year. Now it’s one of my favorites, as well as being the most popular song with many of our friends.


On a moonless night we lay underneath the Milky Way
And gazing at Orion I saw you
That's when I met my soulmate, decided for us by fate
And I learned the truth I always knew

It's written in the stars
Drawn up in the sky for us to see
If I'd gone from here to the next galaxy
It's written in the stars
Painted in the heavens up so far
If I'd gone from Mercury, to Jupiter or Mars
I'd still come back to you
Cause it's written in the stars

He and I were never meant to be together
I'm glad he couldn't see the best in me
But you and me together, it'll be forever
And now I do believe in destiny (Chorus)

If I'll come to know you in another time or place
I'd see your soul in your eyes and I'd know it in your face
For all eternity! (Chorus)

Delene St. Clair: Lead & Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Barry Cahill: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
Paul Kimbarow: Drums
Dave Curtis: Bass
Dennis Caplinger: Dobro, Mandolin