From the recording Stop The Insanity--5:16

One night as I was driving home from my first meeting with (our now good friend) Karl Anthony, I heard on the radio news that the U.S. military was going in—we had invaded Iraq. I literally slapped my forehead and said out loud, “When are these guys going to learn? Why do we have such a short memory for history in this country?” Deeply saddened, I began to ask more questions. In fact, if you listen closely, you may notice the six “who, what, where, why, when, and how” questions being asked about war. I believe it is our solemn duty as participants in a Democracy to question the decisions made by our leaders. If you doubt this, see ”7-4-17-76”.


Many lives have gone, while others lie in ruin
Told to fight, to “keep us free”, paid the price, of someone’s greed

Who can we trust? (What is it for)
Where is it written we must? (Why kill and mourn)
When will we learn?
How can humanity stop the insanity of war?

Many treasures lost, who can even count the cost?
We try to heal, and not condemn, then we’re told, “It’s us or them” (Chorus)

(War) Has never made us wiser, (Woe, woe, woe war)
Has always been a tool, (No, no, more war!)
Of President and Kaiser
Of dissidents and fools

Nations rise and fall, leaders lose their wherewithal
Telling us we must abide, yelling, “God is on our side!” (Chorus)

Barry Cahill: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards, Soprano Sax
Delene St. Clair: Lead Vocal
Robin Adler: Background Vocals
Dave Blackburn: Drums
James East: Bass
Steve Smith: Piano