From the recording Song For Heroes--5:06

Delene and I did the Landmark Forum in October, 2003. During the seminar, we witnessed the transformation of several people who were willing to “wrestle with their inner demons”. I was moved and inspired by the courage of these participants to “face the music” in front of over 200 strangers. By the end of the session, there were no “strangers” in the room.

Over the next couple days, I felt the need to express my experience in a song. The boy and girl in the song are based on two real people from the Forum. We often think of “heroes” as people who do incredible feats of physical strength, skill or courage. But, as Buddha said, “the greatest gift you can give the world is to be enlightened.” To move in that direction by clearing your life of “the wreckage from our past” is to be a hero!


He was a lonely boy, trapped inside his mind
Searching for truth and joy, he took a look inside to find
The memory of what happened when he was only thirteen
It ran his robotic life until he set it free

(S)he gave up the blame, gave up the shame
And took the burden off his (her) back and threw it in the flames
(S)he walked away clean, from that machine
And turned a brand new page at number zero (S)he was a hero

She was a happy girl, innocent and shy
Life in a perfect world, until that man came by
For years she denied that it even mattered at all
But when she realized the cost, she answered the call (Chorus)

Memories fade, like a parade; Do you need to join and march along
Or can you just enjoy the song; Disengage from meanings that you made

Here now are you and me, with all the wreckage in our past
But there’s a clue you see, it’s really gone you’re free at last!
The road we all travel is narrow, winding and long
With no absolutes; good or bad, right, or wrong

I’ll give no more blame, take no more shame
I’ll take the burden off my back and throw it in the flames
I’ll walk away clean, from that machine
And turn a brand new page at number zero. To be a hero

Delene St. Clair: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Barry Cahill: Flute, String Arrangement
Dave Blackburn: Drums, Pandero
Dave Curtis: Bass
Barnaby Finch: Keyboards