From the recording Shades Of Brown--4:36

One morning I awoke hearing in my inner ear the opening two lines of this song, as if sung to me by the ghost of Bob Marley! The funny thing is, at the time, I didn’t particularly like Reggae—probably because I hadn’t listened to enough to really get it! But I could immediately see where the song wanted to go. It was a call for dispensing with the old racial labels like “white” (European) or “black” (African) or “red” (Native American) or “yellow” (Asian). It beckons one to the realization that as Human Beings, we have much more in common than we do in contrast. We ARE just different shades of brown on the outside, with red blood on the inside!


Well I have never seen a white man
And I have never seen a black man
Never met a yellow woman
Not a purple, red or blue man

We are all just different shades of brown
Dark and light, not black or white
We stand on common ground

Well I have never seen a green man
No, no orange, no tangerine man
I know at times we’ve all been blue, man
But it seems to me we’re all just human! (Chorus)

Maybe on the chessboard--the pieces are black and white
Maybe on the keyboard--the keys are black and white
Are ya livin’ in your left brain--where black and white are found
Well move into your right brain--Where all are shades of brown

Whatever skin tone on the outside
Whatever differences we can’t hide
Remember every human worldwide
The blood runs red here on the inside (Chorus)

Barry Cahill: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
Delene St. Clair: Background Vocals
Dave Blackburn: Drums, Electric Guitar
James East: Bass