From the recording I'm Listening--4:10

This song was a gift to me. It’s one of those 90% inspiration songs. I almost always start writing a song with a title that pops into my head. Sometimes I get nothing more than that, but I write it down anyway. (I have lots of song titles in my notebook!) If I’m lucky, I’ll get a chorus. The words for the 1st verse and chorus popped right into my head, but the 2nd verse came later when I knew that I wanted to write about miscommunication between people. As I took my morning walk, the 2nd verse was all there within 5 minutes. Being a fledgling songwriter, you can imagine my excitement at it coming all so fast. The music also came quickly. I took an afternoon nap, and upon waking up, I heard the whole melody. I picked up the guitar and there it was!

The inspiration for this song was really a lesson I’ve been learning about listening. Oftentimes, when I’m with someone in conversation, I only think about what my response will be to what the person is saying, or make assumptions about the meaning of their words. I realize I wasn’t really listening to them with my full heart.

Also, out in nature it is easy to listen because we are so calm and serene. Nature opens our hearts and calms the chatter of the mind.

The little instrumental motif came from listening back to the recording of our debut concert. Even though Barry had not played those notes, I heard the overtones that helped me “hear” the riff.


The birds in the trees sing so sweetly
I’ve come here again for calm and serenity
Just open my senses and feel the earth’s heart
I connect with this place in serendipity

I’m listening to all there is around me
I’m listening to escape the thoughts that’ve bound me
The world has greater secrets than I can even imagine
I’m learning and growing and loving
Cause I’m listening.

The words that I hear are not all that there is
There’s so much more left unspoken
Now I will listen from my heart to yours
To realize our lives are in synchronicity (Chorus)

Delene St. Clair: Lead Vocal, Guitars
Barry Cahill: Keyboards, Background Vocal
Dave Blackburn: Drums, Percussion, Guitar
James East: Bass
Dennis Caplinger: Fiddle