From the recording Friend Of Mine--3:16

This song pretty much wrote itself. It started out with the simple idea of an exuberant celebration of friendship, but from there, it grew into an exploration of all the things our friends mean to us. I actually felt the need to write it because: (1), so few songs have been written giving this wonderfully human trait its due, and (2) because Delene and I have so many wonderful friends. Even though this song is sung to one particular person, that doesn’t mean I believe we can all have only one “best friend”.


You are a friend of mine
You are a friend, so true and so fine
They come and they go, but you’re there like before
A friend in time

You are the best friend I’ve had
We’ve stood the test of the good and the bad
A warm hearth to dry on, a shoulder to cry on
A friend when I’m sad

And you know I appreciate you
Above all the treasures I own
And when push comes to shove, our friendship and love
Will be there when the rest of it’s gone!

You are a friend, indeed
Comin’ down that road, when I’ve been in need
Advice I can try on, the truth I rely on
A friend in word and deed

You and I are friends for life
Through all the good times, the trouble and strife
We’re there for each other like sister or brother
We’re friends for life

Chorus 2:
And you know that wherever you go
You’ve just got to give me a call
And I’ll be there you’ll see, like you’ve been for me
‘Cause that’s what friends do through it all!

Delene St. Clair: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitars
Barry Cahill: Keyboards, Background Vocal
Dave Blackburn: Drums, Acoustic Guitar
James East: Bass
Jeff Bristol: Lead Guitar