From the recording Everybody Matters--4:06

During the trauma of the October 2003 fires in San Diego County (which affected us too), I was amazed to see how people can come together and reach out to help others. But, soon thereafter, everyone crawls back into their own little world. I saw then how few times people really connect with each other, especially total “strangers”. I realized that I wanted to reach out to people with a simple smile or gesture. Everyone wants and responds to Love more than anything in their lives.

Living out in the country, I do a long daily walk up and down our street, (the “Hillmaster”, I call it). I’ve gotten in the habit of stepping outside my comfort zone and waving to each person as they drive by. I look up, make eye contact, give a full-hearted smile and wave. Most often they will do the same. I don’t miss anyone if I can help it -- teenagers, the old folk, the garbage collectors. Now, I just look up and other people will often initiate that smile and wave to me first! One morning I waved to the garbage collector as I always do, and I could tell he felt grateful at my extension of simple humanity. That is when this song came to me. Immediately, I started singing the chorus, as if it were a song I’d been singing all my life. With that as a great start, I met with our good friend Karl Anthony who quickly wrote the 1st verse. We got stuck again, so Barry wrote the lyrics to the 2nd verse. I wrote all the music. My favorite section is the Stevie Wonder-like bridge section. “People let me tell you….” I love to sing this song! We wanted to have Karl sing with us on the album so he’s singing his verse.


Everybody matters, everyone wants love
Everybody matters, everyone wants love
Let me hear you say LOVE, LOVE, LOVE
Everyone wants love.

So I'm walking in the park
And it's getting kind of dark
I saw a man who needs a home
He looked so desperate and alone

I don't know if I should smile
Or think about it for awhile
I walked away without a glance
Oh why, couldn't I, take the chance (Chorus)

I was driving down the road
Overwhelmed, on overload
Pulled up beside a limousine
Rich man reading Fortune magazine

He looked, unhappy and alone
Doin’ deals by mobile phone
He wouldn’t even look my way
Rolled down my window and I had to say, hey hey (Chorus)

People let me tell you that you matter tonight (Chorus)

Delene St. Clair & Karl Anthony: Lead Vocals
Barry Cahill: Keyboards, Tenor/Alto Sax, Background Vocals
Robin Adler: Background Vocals
Dave Blackburn: Guitars, Tambourine
Paul Kimbarow: Drums
Dave Curtis: Bass
Dennis Caplinger: Dobro