From the recording 7-4-17-7-6 --3:37

One July 4th a few years ago, I was thinking, “you know, with all the great winter Holiday songs, nobody’s written a song that captures the spirit of ‘76.” Then, I received one of those emails (you know--the kind that go all around the country). This one was about the fortunes, or should I say MISfortunes of the original 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. I was stunned by the courage and fortitude of those men, the price they all paid, and the legacy they created, not just for America, but for all the world.

Well, after the fireworks show was over, I vowed to write a 4th of July song. I was almost as inspired by the kids at the show, with their innocent exuberance, as I was by the Founding Fathers’ sacrifices. So, the song was crafted by juxtaposing fun childhood memories of July 4th along side quotes and paraphrases of Declaration of Independence, and paying tribute to those incredibly gutsy 56 original signers!


I can still recall those summer nights
The fireworks that blazed red, blue and white
And all the sparklers that we waved
Oh how we cheered and how we raved

When the rockets’ red glare burst so big and bright
“In the course of human events
We hold these truths to be self-evident”
And so the fifty-six men signed
Their lives upon the line
And to this day the message has been sent

Seven Four Seventeen Seven Six
We celebrate, we play, we reminisce
Here’s to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
Seven Four, Seventeen, Seven Six

I remember the bonfires in the park
And how we’d wait impatiently for dark
We built castles in the sand
John Phillip Sousa’s band
Would fill the air right up to that first spark

“All are created equal in God’s sight
Endowed with certain unalienable rights”
And so they proved to all the world
The pen is mightier than the sword
A legacy that lives on come what might (Chorus)

Barry Cahill: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
Delene St. Clair: Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
Dave Blackburn: Acoustic Guitar
Paul Kimbarow: Drums
Dave Curtis: Bass
Jeff Bristol: Lead Guitar