How our 1st Cahill & Delene Concert went!

Hi! INCREDIBLE! AWESOME!! The BEST day of ours FAR! The 2nd best day was probably in the clouds too, in the Himalayas on a Bhutanese peak. You would have been very proud of us. Not only was the audience of 78 folks (it was a house concert) severely diggin our tunes, but it was the best performance we have ever given. Even though there were little mistakes here and there because the band had just 2 rehearsals, there were no "train wrecks" or "clam caravans", as we call it in the biz. Barry and I were higher than kites, (no drugs or alcohol) and we truly gave an awesome performance. Wish you could have been there. We got a standing ovation at the end, and we pre-sold some CD's for our July 2005 CD release. We did 16 of our own tunes and 2 cover tunes (me by myself, both on dulcimer), and the standing ovation was a cover of "What's Goin' On" by Marvin Gaye. I did 3 of my own tunes, but Barry and I shared the vocal leads equally and had a few tunes where we had both of us splitting the lead. Barry was awesome on his vocals, sax, flute, and especially keyboard parts because he doesn't consider himself a keyboard player. I played my Taylor 914C acoustic guitar on all the tunes except for one "stand up and sing" torch ballad. We had some awesome musicians, Dave Curtis (Bass, backround vocals) and Dave Blackburn (drums, percussion, background vocals, guitar) backing us up. It was a house concert, but a professional venue with printed tickets, programs, follow spot, professional sound man, and the entire performance was recorded, so we will soon release a "Live at Dark Thirty", as well as our studio CD "Songs for Humanity". Each will have slightly different tunes, and of course there's nothing like the energy and synergy of a live performance. I was moved to tears after the concert by the outpouring of love and support from our singer-songwriter friends who came and all said "This is just the beginning" and told us how much they loved the performance, banter, and tunes. I feel that this is the beginning too, because I actually felt like you do when you graduate from high school knowing "this is the first day of the rest of your life", with all it's endless possibilities. AWESOME feeling in our 50th year of living! 50 going on 18! While we continue on with our cover tune band "Hot Pursuit", "Cahill & Delene" opens up our life's work. Even after watching the video of the entire performance, (we usually can't stand watching ourselves), it was very very good, even with it's small performance flaws. Our CD release concert in a few months, the band will be tight! Now the real work begins, recording, marketing, scheduling concerts, press releases, blah, blah, blah, but we're up for it. We are going to Germany and Slovakia next year so I'm also scheduling those international concerts (don't know exactly where or how) but it WILL happen. All our hard work with Landmark and Millionaire Mind seminars paid off and things are coming into fruition because we are opening up our minds for whatever possibilities we want to create. It's an incredible journey. And that's what a lot of our songs are about too. Wheeeeeeee, we're flyin! Thanks for helping to share our excitement with your interest! Love & Light, Delene

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