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Cahill & Delene: Photos

Recording studio candid shots!

Dave Curtis, Delene, Dave Blackburn, Robin Adler, Cahill
Calman Hart cheering Delene on after debut concert
Barnaby Finch & Dave Curtis laying the rhythm tracks
James East
Paul Kimbarow
Dave laying some great riffs
Steve on piano, literally!
East in Dreads
Cahill playing some righteous sax
Cahill on "Heroes"
Jeff Bristol
Cahill playing the Slovak fujara
Dennis Caplinger also plays awesome fiddle & dobro on our CD
Delene's pick of Taylors
Karl Anthony on "Everybody Matters"
Blackburn's usual position
Our soul sisters (mother & daughter Ceci Johnson and Devonnye Allison), and Cahill
Robin Adler--She's not named Robin for nothin'!
Cahill & Delene on duets
Wanna take it again?