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Cahill & Delene: News & Journal

CBS aired our song - March 22, 2008

Cahill & Delene's song "Time To Go Home" was placed and aired on CBS in January, March, and April 2008 on the Emmy Award winning #1 show The Young & the Restless.

We are very thrilled that our song was chosen for Broadcast TV.

Top 20 Finalist Winner in UNISONG - February 7, 2007

Cahill & Delene's song "The Golden Age" was selected as a Top 20 Finalist Winner in the Jazz category of the 11th Annual UNISONG International Songwriting Competition. There are thousands of entries from all over the world so we are very pleased about this news!

Semi-Finalist in International Songwriting Competition (ISC) - February 3, 2007

Cahill & Delene's song "Free At Last" placed as the semi-finalist in the Gospel Category. As there are thousands of song entries from around the world, we are very pleased at this news!

Afterglow of our CD Release Concert - September 16, 2005

It was an AMAZING evening on August 27th at the Carlsbad Village Theatre. We had hoped to fill the theatre to capacity, but being the artist, concert promoter, publicist, event coordinator, and music director, turned out to be bigger endeavors that we had ever imagined! However, we were so happy to perform to our enthusiastic crowd of 85 folks and our 9 piece band was AWESOME. Barry’s sax playing and vocals were stellar. We had a blast! Thanks to our band: Karl Anthony, Robin Adler, Angie Kania, Roger Friend, Dave Blackburn, Dave Curtis, and Vince Cooper. You made our music come alive and we give you big hugs and kisses! The synergy and energy was happenin’! Can’t wait til the next one on November 6 at Dizzy’s near downtown San Diego! (See Concert page!)

Carlsbad Village Theatre is an historic theatre built in 1929, and it was a thrill to show up that afternoon for rehearsal and see our names “Cahill & Delene” up there on the big old marquee. We had a great production team working with us to videotape and record the show---(a DVD will be available soon)! It was a big show complete with Box Office, tickets, and programs. The lobby was decorated beautifully with peace flags, and we sold lots of CD’s, Posters, and LyricCards. I’m a happy girl.

Many of our family from all over the country, including my parents John & Del, Barry’s mom Jeannine, my sister Sheila, my brother Don were there to support us cheering us in the second row. (Photographers in the first row!). My other brother John from Miami could not attend because Hurricane Katrina was just making her devastating way across the Gulf starting that day, and so he couldn’t get out of Florida. (And in the afterglow of the concert the next day, we still were unaware of what was to come). At the end of the show, I was presented with a bouquet of red roses by my mom and sister, who were both professional ballet dancers. A bouquet to the “leading lady or principal” is traditional in the theatre. WOW! I felt like a million bucks! His mom also sweetly presented Barry with a red rose boutonniere!

As an important note here, many of Barry’s family live in New Orleans and Slidell, and they were hit hard. We found out over the days that most are safe but some of their homes severely damaged or destroyed. Unfortunately, Barry’s uncle Ken who had been very ill, died in an evacuation boat on the way to a hospital. We are hoping to help Barry’s family (and others) out as much as possible in the weeks and months to come.

In fact, listen up fellow Buckeyes, folks from Ohio: Cahill & Delene are doing a Hurricane Relief Benefit in Lakewood (suburb of Cleveland) Ohio on Sunday, Oct. 9 4pm (see Concert page) to help as MANY families as possible in the Gulf Coast that were devastated by this hurricane, to help put their lives back together. Please come and support this venture as we work as a loving community to help. YOU CAN make a difference!

…Now I am going back to that CD Release concert evening and how wonderful it was. I cannot believe the love you poured out to us as we continue on our adventure of getting our music out to the rest of the world. Our audience may be small right now in terms of numbers, but our intention is great. Our just released debut, “Songs for Humanity” is our way of helping to bridge the separations we have in our minds about our world. We separate ourselves in race, religion, countries, instead of thinking of ourselves as one big human family on a very small planet!.

The notes that we have received from all over the world now about how people love our CD is just incredible. It’s interesting, since the CD’s release August 1, MANY people have said they have listened to it 3 times in a row. No prompting from anyone about that particular number. Maybe it’s because every song is different from the next, so people can listen again and again, and go through a whole range of moods and emotions.

We move forward towards bigger ventures next summer, as we are now thinking of our tour of Germany (Berlin and Munich), Czech Republic (Prague) and Slovakia--Delene’s heritage—(Bratislava, and small towns and villages of Gemerska Paloma/Kocise). To any who are reading this can help manifest this venture, please let me know. We are open to all ideas, contacts and inspirations!

With Love and Light, and many Blessings to All,

Cahill & Delene

Another Fine Performance - July 25, 2005

Here it is a few days after we’ve received our boxes and boxes of CD’s which now sit in our dining room. I have already vowed not to have 1499 of the 1500 copies of “Songs For Humanity” sitting under a serape being used as a footstool. So far, so good. We pre-sold a lot of albums in the last few months while in the recording/mastering phase. What an amazing thing to have them in hand! They turned out even better than I thought visually and sonically!

We have fulfilled a life-time goal, and now I don’t have that aching in my heart, wondering if I’ll ever do what I came to this earth to do. And now that the floodgates are open, watch out! We don’t feel shy about going back to that creative well, and starting on the next project. (Don’t get too excited, it’ll be some time before our next CD).

Yesterday, we had an awesome first-performance-after-getting-our-CD’s. It was at a wonderful New Thought church in San Diego. We were incredibly well received with a standing ovation after “Song For Heroes”. It was awesome to know we opened hearts not only with our performance, but our songs! We sold many CD’s at both performances!

Then we went to a dear friends house for her birthday party. Even though we weren’t trying to sell our CD’s there, it just happened. We had performed a few songs as part of her birthday present, and her friends all wanted the CD! I was a little bashful at first, thinking that one should not conduct commerce in a friend’s living room, but since she’s an entrepreneur herself, she gave her full blessing!

I’ve got a feeling this is going to be the way of things in the next few years, touring with big concerts, and then in the next breath performing for a few folks at a train stop!

We’re open to everything and anything, come what may---

Can’t wait for our big CD Release Concert at Carlsbad Village Theatre on Aug. 27! It’s a very nice historical theatre that seats about 300 people. We anticipate filling the place and we’ve got a great band, along with a few surprises!

We’re off and running---

How our 1st Cahill & Delene Concert went! - February 15, 2005


INCREDIBLE! AWESOME!! The BEST day of ours FAR! The 2nd best day was probably in the clouds too, in the Himalayas on a Bhutanese peak. You would have been very proud of us. Not only was the audience of 78 folks (it was a house concert) severely diggin our tunes, but it was the best performance we have ever given. Even though there were little mistakes here and there because the band had just 2 rehearsals, there were no "train wrecks" or "clam caravans", as we call it in the biz. Barry and I were higher than kites, (no drugs or alcohol) and we truly gave an awesome performance. Wish you could have been there. We got a standing ovation at the end, and we pre-sold some CD's for our July 2005 CD release.

We did 16 of our own tunes and 2 cover tunes (me by myself, both on dulcimer), and the standing ovation was a cover of "What's Goin' On" by Marvin Gaye.

I did 3 of my own tunes, but Barry and I shared the vocal leads equally and had a few tunes where we had both of us splitting the lead. Barry was awesome on his vocals, sax, flute, and especially keyboard parts because he doesn't consider himself a keyboard player. I played my Taylor 914C acoustic guitar on all the tunes except for one "stand up and sing" torch ballad. We had some awesome musicians, Dave Curtis (Bass, backround vocals) and Dave Blackburn (drums, percussion, background vocals, guitar) backing us up.

It was a house concert, but a professional venue with printed tickets, programs, follow spot, professional sound man, and the entire performance was recorded, so we will soon release a "Live at Dark Thirty", as well as our studio CD "Songs for Humanity". Each will have slightly different tunes, and of course there's nothing like the energy and synergy of a live performance.

I was moved to tears after the concert by the outpouring of love and support from our singer-songwriter friends who came and all said "This is just the beginning" and told us how much they loved the performance, banter, and tunes. I feel that this is the beginning too, because I actually felt like you do when you graduate from high school knowing "this is the first day of the rest of your life", with all it's endless possibilities. AWESOME feeling in our 50th year of living! 50 going on 18! While we continue on with our cover tune band "Hot Pursuit", "Cahill & Delene" opens up our life's work.

Even after watching the video of the entire performance, (we usually can't stand watching ourselves), it was very very good, even with it's small performance flaws. Our CD release concert in a few months, the band will be tight!

Now the real work begins, recording, marketing, scheduling concerts, press releases, blah, blah, blah, but we're up for it. We are going to Germany and Slovakia next year so I'm also scheduling those international concerts (don't know exactly where or how) but it WILL happen.

All our hard work with Landmark and Millionaire Mind seminars paid off and things are coming into fruition because we are opening up our minds for whatever possibilities we want to create. It's an incredible journey. And that's what a lot of our songs are about too.

Wheeeeeeee, we're flyin! Thanks for helping to share our excitement with your interest!

Love & Light, Delene

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