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Cahill & Delene: Music

Time To Go Home--5:01

(Cahill & Delene)
July 22, 2005
Words & Music: Barry Cahill--Emerald Etude Music (ASCAP)
Lyrically, my favorite composition, it was a natural choice for a closer. (Like Tracey Ullman saying. “Go home, go home!”) The song is a parable about being a nightclub musician, playing a long gig, then (finally) going home. But as the choruses all say in one way or another, at the journey’s end, we all go “home where the heart is”…that far island from whose shore no traveler returns!

This song came to me literally in a dream, at Delene’s parents’ house in Cleveland, Ohio. I immediately ran downstairs (at 3:30 a.m.) to their out-of-tune spinet piano and tried to figure out (very quietly!) what it was I was hearing in my inner ear. Clearly, I had been processing Steely Dan in dreamland! The journey to finished song was, in this case, the classic 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration. On top of that, I had to work long and hard to get the sax solo right over those changes, which as Dave Blackburn said, are a “mine field”!
It’s been a long hard night
Yeah we worked, and we played and had us quite a time
Straight on through seven sets
All the tunes, all the changes, all the rhythm and rhyme

And though we had a ball, and we’ve seen it all
When you hear that call, and the curtain falls
Then it’s time to go home, time to go home

When we were starting out
Didn’t care, if we made a dollar or a dime
Because beyond a doubt
We were glad just to be here, on the stage of time

Chorus 2:
But when it all comes down, in the end we’re bound
To go round ‘n round, ‘til what’s lost is found
Then it’s time to go home, time to go home

Time to go home, where the heart is, home, where the soul lives
Home is that place we all know, wonderin’ why did we go
Down to this world of woe

Yes there were days, you know
When we played, lots of tunes we just could not dig
But that’s the way it goes
Everyday, you just pay your dues and you do your gig

Chorus 3:
‘Cause in the end you’ll find, when you read the signs
In between the lines, is that space divine
Now it’s time to go home, time to go home

Barry Cahill: Lead & Background Vocals, Tenor Sax
Delene St. Clair: Background Vocals
Robin Adler: Background Vocals
Paul Kimbarow: Drums
James East: Bass
Barnaby Finch: Keyboards
Jeff Bristol: Electric Guitar