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Cahill & Delene: Music

What've You Got To Give? --3:36

(Cahill & Delene)
July 22, 2005
Words & Music: Barry Cahill--Emerald Etude Music (ASCAP)
Right after my gig with Tony Robbins (1987-89), I was feeling frustrated with my musical career (or lack thereof). Out of this frustration, I began asking, “what’ve I got to give?” From there, the song took shape, singing to both myself, and people I know. We all have something to give the world, which is seriously in need of giving people!

Musically, I felt the innocent hipness of the 1960’s Motown sound was best to carry the message. Dave Blackburn (drums) and James East (bass) did a bang-up job of layin’ it down.
Look inside you, what do you see?
A gift you've got to give the world, to set it free!
Listen to yourself, hear what you say
You're asking just what have I got to give away?
Well maybe it's a new invention
Or the book that just won't wait
But all your good intentions
Won't put it on the plate!

What've you got to give, what've you got to give?
What've you got to give, what've you got to give?

Look around you, what do you see?
A world in need of so much love from you and me
Listen to you, what's your excuse?
You say one man can't change the world, so what's the use?
Well what about Mother Teresa?
Or John F. Kennedy
Or what about Mahatma Gandhi
Now how ‘bout you and me! (Chorus)

Look above you, what do you know?
A heaven at our fingertips, the world needs to be shown
So listen deeply, to that inner voice
And rise up to the calling now--it's your choice
'Cause maybe you will be the person
To set that prisoner straight
Upon the path to truth and freedom
C'mon, don't make him wait! (Chorus)

And I am positive
That you've got somethin' real good to give now
Look around the world
Reach into yourself
And you'll find, yes you'll find
You've got something great to give the world
What’ve you got to give now?

Barry Cahill: Lead and Background Vocals, Keyboards, Tenor Sax
Delene St. Clair: Background Vocals
Dave Blackburn: Drums, Electric Guitar, Tambourine
James East: Bass