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Cahill & Delene: Links

New Thought Community Links

This is the most wonderful video and I watch it about once a week, whether I need it or not. Explore the website and light a candle. It is very effective believe it or not!
Positive Music Association
We are members of this wonderful organization to promote the connection of peace in our world thru music. Click on POS Radio to listen! We are envisioning a Posi Music category at the Grammy's very soon!
Global Pledge of Allegiance
Click on the Global Pledge and be inspired. Think of the possibilites this Pledge is bringing to our world by reciting it. Check out the entire website. It is beautiful.....
International Campaign for Tibet
This wonderful organization promotes human rights and democratic freedom for the people of Tibet. Inhumanity to humanity is still real for these tortured people.
Awakening Seminars
Jason Brody--Awakening is a powerful 3-day Intensive in which you can have the direct experience of your own aliveness.
Serendipity Lifetracks Foundation
Nanci Hartland is President of this wonderful organization, a 501(C)(3) sponsoring AIDS/HIV medicine, Obstetric Fistula Operations for women, clean water systems, books, fruit trees, vegetable seeds, and seeds of hope to change lives forever. 'Vacations with a Conscience" to Africa, Bali, Costa Rica & Mexico.